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INCITING INCIDENT Agreeing to meet crush and his date for brunch
TRIGGER SET UP, AND/OR THE HOOK Doesn’t want to be in love with crush
THE FIRE ?? By agreeing to meet for brunch, she goes with Rory and finds out he wants a fake girlfriend.
CHANGE HAPPENING ??The determination to be over the crush and the upcoming action of seeing him at brunch. Or maybe it’s that Rory wants a fake girlfriend. After re-reading Lesson 2, I think it has to be seeing the crush because it’s “something the main character perceives as threatening” to her peace of mind. Although Rory’s fake girlfriend idea is unexpected, which is also a sign of change. Sorry, not clear on this one.
EMOTIONS TRIGGERED BY CHANGE I’m immediately hooked by the emotions raised by the idea of facing the crush–fear of not being loved, humiliation, rejection.
NEEDS Need to be loved
SUGGESTIONS I enjoyed reading this, Kathy, and I would read further. But I’m confused about what to focus on-facing the crush or her relationship with Rory. Perhaps if you amp up the emotions and needs, all will become clear.


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