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Linnea Sinclair

Linnea, Also I just asked if there was a way to give us a list of the inmates who post Lesson 4 Homework. I am not sure how to find them. ( I fear my request might have gotten lost in cyberspace)

Hi Ellen,

To see the Lesson 4 Homework opening pages samples, you have to log in and go to the classroom’s page:

and then look for the GREEN or BLUE icons next to students’ folders that show you something NEW has been posted in that folder.

If you’ve subscribed to all the student folders (you should have…) then you’ll get their opening pages in your email as well. However, you can reply via email. This forum only works online.

You subscribe to a folder by clicking on/opening the folder and clicking on SUBSCRIBE in the upper right corner [favorite/subscribe]. If it says ‘unsubscribe’ then you’re already subscribed and should be getting emails from that folder. 🙂

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