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Linnea Sinclair

Change-Buying a haunted hous for their home repair/renovation business – risk to finances for their joint venture and a project she’ll have to work on: is it really haunted? What will happen to the house they bought? Emotion – Uncertainty; fear of what might happen financially; conflict with her business partner over this purchase – separation? Why do they catch my interest – Humor “partner in grime”; the romance between two very different people who are also tied as business partners and the sense they are still working things out – and need to make a go of this. He just bought this house. Who’s going to make the decisions? Will they stay together?

I love the way cozy mysteries mix the trouble with the humor.  Jennie’s series is loads of fun, especially if you’ve ever done house renovations. But cozies are a good way to take some of the scary stuff out of mysteries and add a romance/humor element. Because of that, they have to hit notes for both the mystery reader AND the romance reader. (Not all cozies are also romance, no, but many are or have some element of romance.) I too loved “partner in grime.” The author’s use of humor and play-on-words sets me right up to enjoy that kind of story.

//Interstellar Adventure Infused with Romance//


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