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Linnea Sinclair

Apparently the going advice is to let the reader fill in the details, but we are more than just people walking around. We interact with our world and our surroundings and our surroundings shape us. Knowing Van came from this crazily built and re-built house makes it make a lot of sense that he doesn’t get lost easily. He’s not just blessed with a good sense of direction, his upbringing and origins shaped his character. Him being able to find the secret corners of the place that no one uses anymore also shows a lot about how observant he is, which comes in handy later in the story, and using those spaces shows his isolation, giving me feeling that he doesn’t feel welcome in the more trafficked parts of the house well before we see that in action with the rest of the family.

Words of wisdom. Yes, we (and our characters) are more than just a bag of bones walking around. PLACE can have deep meaning (but doesn’t always). When it does, it can become almost a character.

We also learn tons about a character in how he relates to His Places. That’s why the writing syndrome of Talking Heads In A White Room gives us nothing to work with and cheats the reader.


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