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Wow! Kate and Kendra your comments are soooo helpful! You’ve both given me lots to think about. Kate I will have to give a lot of thought to your comment about genre expectations. I have a gut feeling your thoughts are on target, and I may need to change the opening and start it at the flower shop.

I’m going to go back and analyze the cozies I like and see if any of them wait a bit for the murder to happen. My plan is to have Betsy murdered at the Fur-Baby Gala. By doing that I have lots of suspects, but the Gala is not for ten days.(certainly could be subject to change)

Kendra you gave me a great plot idea that I need to explore. My plan was to have Daisy be one of the main suspects and her dad comes to help her out allowing her mom and dad’s relationship  to be a minor plot line, but now I am thinking her mom could be the major suspect (although then I obviously have  to find a solid reason for her to commit the murder) and Daisy as a lawyer can be helpful. Her dad can still appear.

FYI Daisy and Edward Will Not get together in the storyline. Daisy will meet Grant (in the next chapter or so) Grant is a veterinarian and a character in my other stories.

Okay, my plan is that this book is not part of a series but it definitely plays with with The Best Doggone Bakery and Fur-ever In Her Heart. In Fur-ever Betsy is a new breeder and she breeds a merle to another merle (a no-no) Cleo’s two puppies are born blind and deaf. She is afraid it will ruin new reputation if people find out and she is in the process of taking them to be euthanized (sadly this does happen) when my MC and her significant other save them. Of course she is hated by all my characters when they find out what she had planned to do. So now she will be murdered, but not because the that event. It will be something in her past that someone knows about and who has tracked her down in Houndsville.

Your comments are making me re-consider my entire premise.(a very good thing)  Maybe I don’t want to write a cozy mystery after all. I have to take a hard look at the cozies I love to see if I can meet the genre expectations. If not I will disappoint readers.

Thanks again sooo very much!!!




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