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In the Cards
A Geeky Romance
500 words

Cecelia handed the dark haired man her business card. “Now, keep this. It is playable in the game. If you have any questions about the rules just text me.” He thanked her, slipped the card into the bag, and ran off.

Amber, her business partner at  [Fancy pants] Games slid into their booth at [Con] and set down the bag with their dinner on the back table. “Sorry it took so long. Only one food place was open and there was a huge line.”

She looked from Cecelia to the man’s back. “Was that the same guy who was here when I left?”

“Um hum,” Cecelia nodded.

“It’s been an hour. How did you get a con boyfriend before me?”

“He’s not my con boyfriend. He stopped and said he needed a thank you gift. I showed him a few hands of the game. He bought 6 sets.”

“Whoa. Paying for the booth before the con even opens is way better than a con boyfriend.”

“No kidding.”

“You are still smiling.”

“He’d make a nice con boyfriend. Those cheekbones. Then he won a hand and those dimples and his eyes lit up. I should draw a picture while I still remember.”

Amber pulled her sandwich out of the bag. “Stop. Now. You are grossing me out.”
“Our hands touched and I swear there were sparks.”
“Oh God. Please no.”

There had been no sparks, not literally. He had paid intense concentration to her as she explained the rules. That was damn sexy.

“Don’t worry. I’ll probably never see him again. If he’s in the exhibit hall now before opening he’ll be stuck at a booth all weekend just like us.” Cecelia paused and looked at her left thumbnail where white paint was still lodged against her cuticle. “I gave him my number.”

“Baller move for you Davis,” Amber said.

“Was it really an hour? We talked about the game. It couldn’t have been more than five minutes.”

“You snoozed through your own meet cute. I was gone an hour. Maybe 45 minutes. I know I burned through one whole Incense lure in PokémonGo while in line.”

Cecelia picked at the paint. Rather than guys who shared her geeky interests she had met so many creepers at cons. Sharing her number had meant dick pics and drunk texts and so many blocked numbers. What was she thinking? She sat down and started in on her sandwich all the while thinking though her interaction with the handsome customer. He was not creepy (faint praise) and polite. He said nice things about the card design and she thought she said “thank you.” At this very minute he was probably complaining to his friends about dimwitted booth babes.



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