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HiDee Ekstrom


Lisa Cron handout: Okay, it’s clear I need to read Lisa’s books. I think my biggest problem is I haven’t delved deep enough into my characters to know what their lies are, to know what their origin scenes are. My aha moment came at reading: That’s why your protagonist’s defining misbelief cannot remain general or conceptual. It must be traced back to the single, concrete event (again, almost always in childhood) during which her worldview shifted.

Alicia Rasley handout: My aha moment reading this article was that I need to piece out information in a more effective way. My question is, how do I determine when the reader needs to know what information? Any suggestions on that?

In reading over MY opening pages, I have a problem. I originally began with my hero’s POV, and what he wants/needs is what drives this story. My heroine is kind of along for the ride, so I need to go back and work on her. I’ve always been more strongly interested in JT than I have been in Dana. Not a good thing for my readers, I don’t think!

I’ve been reading character arc articles, trying to learn how to make my characters more relatable. I’m open to suggestions, if anyone has any!



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