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Linnea Sinclair

I’m always drawn to starting with backstory – I definitely need to work on this! So, the idea for this book was based on a family experience, and to be honest, when I drafted this I didn’t get into a lot of research. Obviously I need to correct that. We were contacted by a Fugitive Investigator at the time, so I chose to use that title. For story purposes, he needs to be an investigator but he is currently on personal leave from his position. However, he is using his investigative skills to locate his nephew.

HiDee (and all), our final lesson will deal with authenticity and specificity in openings, which creates story and writer CREDIBILITY. So I’m going to hold off on talking about how to suss out the correct details in situations like the one you’ve outlined here until the next lesson. It IS super critical that writers, if they want to be taken seriously, get facts right. Most readers who read in a genre know a good deal about the facts of the genre. They can see fake information coming a mile away and they will Put Your Book Down.

I’ve worked with ex-FBI, ex-military intel and, of course, ex-cops. When we get to the next lesson, poke me again on this and how to professionally structure it in your story.

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