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Lesson Five Homework

Cron Origin Scene Ah hah–I think I have an OS. The one where his parents said “Take care of Us. Let the rest hang.” But, although I knew that he had to change his world view, I haven’t exploited it as much as I could throughout the novel. It’s mushy.

I think, especially when he first meets someone, he specifically needs to judge people based on this misbelief…how they’re going to affect him and his survival. But will that make him too self-centered and unlikeable?? Maybe if I also work with the idea that he’s betraying his parents if he changes his misbelief… They’re dead, so that could add to his guilt. I do have a ‘save the cat’ moment with a little kid, but one moment probably isn’t enough. (Still thinking this through, but I’m excited to give it a try.)

Rasley Plotting Problems-Hmm, maybe I need to remove the bit about his parents being dead and their mantra about taking care of Us. Maybe it “kills the suspense by telling right away how we got here to this opening situation.” But I have lots of other kinds of suspense so maybe it’s okay where it is. ARG! My brain is hurting.


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