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Kathy….loved your comments….okay squawked is out…..wouldn’t want Edward to sound less attractive -:)

About her looking terrible you give me food for thought….I like your idea of Edward hearing Sondra got the post….have to give that a try in a re-write.

Now as to Daisy’s misbelief I tried the exercise suggested to us by the printout. I realized I was being lazy by not laying that out earlier since I used Lisa Cron’s book for guidance in my latest book. You are correct…no way to figure it out…but that’s okay because after doing the exercise I realized I want to do a re-write of my opening. One of Daisy’s misbeliefs ( she firmly believes that being independent and earning lots of money will assure her of getting what she wants in life) comes from watching her parents fight over money and leads to their divorce. With that in mind I have to consider whether she turns the head lawyer position down or not. Maybe she feels torn between what to tell her dad and going home to help her mom. Maybe he gives her an ultimatum or time limit to let him know her decision.  I’m thinking Daisy shouldn’t want to make a major career change  until much later in the storyline and use it as a major conflict rather than revealing that now. Back to the drawing board. I am going to try out your suggestions…so thanks. Glad everyone likes the flower part…like I wrote before it was too fun to write. Brought back memories of many years ago when I was in a garden club and they wanted the younger members to learn flower arranging so they had classes for us. I was terrible at it-:) Who has even heard of a garden club nowadays….shows my age!!!


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