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Move it. Don’t take up the time and space others’ need.

Sounds like a misbelief moment if you ask me. Hi! ^_^ I’ve seen Ellen and Kathy at the other workshops so I thought I’d pick someone I haven’t talked to as much.

It’s a subtle drop, but that “taking up space” thing is a familiar childhood issue. I still have trouble with it and I need a lot more space than my husband. I have crafting hobbies. I don’t know if it features as prominently as the gloves do, or if it’s the misbelief you’re intending to focus on, but that’s what I picked up on, more than the “Safe is good” idea, which is probably another misbelief.

The “Safe is good” one was repeated often, but the “taking up space” one was subtle and hit me on a personal note. Then again, nobody said they couldn’t be combined! Taking up too much space could be considered “unsafe” in some situations. Especially childhood emotional situations.

I didn’t catch much backstory. What I saw was peppered in a bit, but the first paragraph…

If Charlene was superstitious, she’d blame the cashmere gloves with texting fingertips in the gift shop for landing her in HealthVantage’s Human Resource’s office. She hadn’t been in the office since Blissdale added the new wing and had gone from a needs-improvement nursing home to a state-of-the-art assisted living community.

I wonder if having her walk into the building, noting the changes and trying to reassure herself that her good friend is head of HR might be more effective? That would start with movement; DOing. We can see the difference between the new and old buildings, she’d have time to think about her breakup for a second, making Eugene’s comment a stab in the gut right after getting fired. We can even see those gloves firsthand if she passes the gift shop, maybe thinking of stopping in there to check on them again? Internal conflict: Go to HR when I really don’t want to go, or stop in just ooooone more time to check on the gloves. Temptation temptation. XD

I have a scarf. Only the fact that I’d boil alive keeps me from wearing it in the summer. It’s still tempting.

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