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Well, Dory, your brain fog and my brain fog should hang out sometime. I forgot to do my personal post.

Mona, that’s exactly what it feels like–indistinct and disjointed. There are these good things happening (I’m coming up on my first book birthday!) but everything good is tempered by the chaos and sadness. For the most part, I’m chugging along, doing my thing, but every once in a while it hits me. Feels like I’ve aged ten years in 2020, but then that could also be the fact that my hairstylist has been closed since March and my tinsel is showing. haha

Mary, I’m so glad you’re back! Good to hear that you’re working again, too. That memoir sounds amazing.

I came in under my goal for the week, at 7727 words for my WIP. I had a couple of good days, and then I just crashed. Also, I did some edits for a short story reader magnet for my readers, so that took up some of my time. This week is looking better. I’m writing 2025 on weekdays and 1025 on weekends.

I’ll let you all know about SIAW. Have a wonderful weekend!





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