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Hi Kendra, I read and write MG and YA and I’m loving the idea of a girl who sees ‘the other side.’ You asked about “making it sound less like a YA novel to start.” You mean you want it to read younger? Maybe the moving boxes could be filled with the half-finished/intricate/boring/whatever craft projects she’d done to distract herself during her last horrible year at Nasty People Middle (elementary, if you want younger) School, or something like that. Also, it would help to consistently call her “Aunt” Linda. You could leave off the aunt if you want YA or an attitude, though we’d need to see the attitude more consistently. (This is all just my opinion. Ignore what doesn’t work for you.)

Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Backstory: For me, the backstory is mostly dropped in nicely, like I’d eat a hat if Linda washed those before packing them up. I’d been busy with eighth grade exams. But the more I think about it, there’s a lot of backstory before the ferret. Could you start with hearing the voice and weave in backstory as she avoids looking at him? Maybe the voice comes from the bed where she’d carefully arranged her stuffies after taking them out of the moving boxes. And maybe she thinks Sure, she talks to them since they’re the only friends she has since they move around so much. But they’ve never talked to her before. Like I said above, just my opinion and ignore if it doesn’t resonate with you.


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