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Linnea Sinclair

A possible Ah-ha scene near the end of the book could include his correction or more adult-like understanding of that bit of wisdom, which would be a resolution of INTERNAL conflict along with whatever external issues are in the plot. Perfect! Have you considered doing an ENDINGS workshop?

Yes, it’s called GMC/Conflict. 😉 The book ends when the major conflict is resolved.

Seriously, I do touch on endings in various other workshops, but only as they relate to, well, various other aspects of craft. There’s not really any one sole definitive CRAFT of endings (to my knowledge) as a stand-alone issue, as there is with crafting opening scenes/chapters. It’s very much part of any overall PLOTTING workshop.

I think Nancy Kress has a great book called Beginnings, Middles and Endings.

I’ve read it, I used to own it, I loaned it to someone, I’ve not seen it since, but if endings are an issue, that’s a really solid book. I’ll be teaching to some of Kress’s theories in the next lesson.

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