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Linnea Sinclair

REWRITE #2: *I decided I kind of hated the new beginning, so I decided to try a combo of the two. Everything after Drip. Drip. Drip. Is pretty much the same. Title: Lethal Lies Author: Vicki Briner Genre: Romantic Suspense

Haha! Welcome to my world.

Is the first draft finished? If not, then just work from your best-for-now opening and keep chugging along. It seems as if you know WHERE you want to open (and that’s a big PLUS!)–in the FBO lounge, just at the point he meets his co-pilot. Small note–you don’t mention his USAF career, so his F-16 experience doesn’t jive with the FBI stuff. Now, whether you need ALL of that in detail upfront is unlikely. But in order for the F-16 to make sense, we need to know he wasn’t a mechanic for General Dynamics/Lockheed in Texas, but rather–if that’s your choice, and he COULD have been a mechanic or test pilot–in the USAF. The point is less, I think HOW he came to learn to fly, and more that he IS rated and experienced.  We also don’t want a huge backstory dump here. So, for now, if you’re still crafting the story, just get an opening you feel comfortable with. As the story unfolds, things will HAPPEN (trust me). Some of those things may impact your opening. The ENDING may impact your opening.

The beginning of my GABRIEL’S GHOST

Only fools boast they have no fears. I thought of that as I pulled the blade of my dagger from the Takan guard’s throat, my hand shaking, my heart pounding in my ears, my skin cold from more than just the chill in the air….

And the book’s final paragraph:

All that I am, is yours, ky’sara-mine.

Ky’sara. And to me, he is ky’sal. An almost unbreakable link. All that I am, is his. All that he is, is mine. A selfish, hedonistic desire to have in a time that was sure to get more troubled, more dangerous, more desperate. A time when jukors are born, and Takas are dying. A time to fear.

Only fools boast they have no fears.

No. Only fools underestimate the power of love.

That’s called “mirroring.” Did I know, when I wrote the first chapter, I was going to mirror it in the ending? Hell, no. I was lucky to be half coherent as I slogged through the first chapter. But as I wrote the story, my writerly self (buoyed by worthy amounts of gin and tonics, two limes, please) began to feel a … theme? Song? Pattern?

Should you have a similar experience, it may cause you to mirror the beginning and the ending.

Or not. Mirroring is not required. My point is, be aware you’re likely still re-writing. Don’t get stuck on that page. Give it your best, keep writing forward.

//Interstellar Adventure Infused with Romance//

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