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I added Daisy’s confrontation with her dad to the opening.


Seven p.m. Go home or talk to her dad. Earlier in the day Daisy rung his assistant, MaryLouise, hoping to find out her dad’s plans. She was informed he had a dinner engagement at 8 leaving her the choice to confront him now or wait until at least tomorrow. She went with now. If she had to wait food and sleep would be measurably impacted.

His outer office door was open. Mary Louise’s desk was cleared off so it was safe to assume she’d left for the day. His private office door was closed. She knocked.

“Dad, it’s me can we talk?”

His voice boomed out, “Come in.”

She sucked in a deep breath and positioned herself gingerly in the chair across from his massive desk keeping open the option of a quick getaway.

“I thought I might see you again today.” Her dad’s piercing dark eyes threatened her composure.His tightly folded arms across his chest didn’t help.

She forced herself not to squirm and show weakness. A show of confidence was absolutely imperative. “Would you like to explain to me why after grooming you for five years you’re considering turning down lead lawyer for the B P group?”

No point in trying to be tactful. She dropped the bombshell.“Mom fell and broke her wrist. She needs my help with the shop.”

Her dad’s face darkened. She braced her hands on the armchair. “So that’s what is more important than accepting lead council for Braxton? I’m disappointed in you Daisy. It seems you don’t have the hard driving nature i thought you did.”

She chewed her lip. She was not about to argue the point with a master litigator. She’d never win. “I’ll only be gone for about ten days. Braxton can do without me.”

“Of course they can. They can deal with Sondra instead.”

“Dad.” she howled no longer able to hold in her feelings. “You see red if I ever mention mom. You’ve been divorced for years. Get over it. if you were being honest with yourself you’d know she’d never call and put me in a position of choosing between the two of you but she’s stuck.”

She rose out of the chair and splayed her hands across his desk making sure to glare at him. “I’m going home. Next decision is in your court counselor.”

It was time to show her dad she was stronger than he thought. She flipped around, stood straight, held her head up and left.

When she comes into the office  the next day there’s a note from her dad. He gives her some breathing room to go home. I have to think how to word the note to add some tension for her.

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  • This reply was modified 4 months, 1 week ago by ellen.gilman.
  • This reply was modified 4 months, 1 week ago by ellen.gilman.

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