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Vicki Briner

That’s called “mirroring.” Did I know, when I wrote the first chapter, I was going to mirror it in the ending? Hell, no. I was lucky to be half coherent as I slogged through the first chapter. But as I wrote the story, my writerly self (buoyed by worthy amounts of gin and tonics, two limes, please) began to feel a … theme? Song? Pattern?

Thank you for the example of mirroring. I’ve got a complete draft and I’m in the never-ending revision phase. This actually comes at the perfect time as it gives me something to think about as far as tying things back together.

You make a good point about the USAF stuff. I think it makes sense to include it to give context to his qualifications and why he’s there. It should be easy enough to work back in. Mostly, when I looked at my first rewrite, I thought I dumped too much unnecessary information into the beginning and wanted to streamline it.

I’ve got some tinkering to do, which is actually my favorite part.

Super helpful. Thanks.


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