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Linnea Sinclair

You make a good point about the USAF stuff. I think it makes sense to include it to give context to his qualifications and why he’s there. It should be easy enough to work back in.

Rather than dump or backstory it, have it be part of a verbal challenge.

Her: “Why should I trust you?”

Him: shrug. “Six years flying F-16s for the US Air Force?”

Craft it better than that, though. As long as that comes up in the first few pages, you can tickle with a MENTION of the F-16s on pages one or two, then include the full disclosure (relatively speaking) when she challenges him later.

Plus I also see her having some smart comeback about F-16s aren’t charter jets, something about not trying to target people on the ground, or “We’re delivering cargo not bombs…” (or whatever–hubs and I just finished watching a documentary on F-16s – 18s on the history channel so some of this is fairly fresh in my mind).

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