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Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for the comments and feedback on my latest chapter. Zara and Jessica, you both make excellent, valid points. Unfortunately, this concerns me for the next 15,000 words (or approximately 25 percent of the book). Basically, they get to the compound, Papi wants to make her happy and allows Eric to stay. He has no weapons. There are armed guards all over the place, but otherwise, he has the ability to move about the grounds.

Now I feel like I either have to rewrite the entire second half of the book, which I don’t want to do since I’ve spent the last year and a half working on this thing, or just chuck it aside and move on to something else. I don’t really want to do that either because I’ve already started book 2 with one of Elise’s brothers. Also, I kind of like these characters and their story.

So, my question is: Is there any plausible way to make this work? What if because her grandfather is desperate to have a relationship with her he indulges her with regard to Eric? Maybe they realize that she’s already scared and treating them both like prisoners isn’t going to win her over.

Thanks again for the feedback.



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