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Hi, Cheryl!

I had a rough week emotionally, but still manged to average writing about 4 hours a day. Really had to keep focused, but it helped distract me. Starting to recover. I think.

Sill working on my edits for The Wild Rose Press. I should be done by the end of next week and will send it in to my editor. She won’t be able to look at it until the beginning of September, but I’ll be glad to have it off my hands.

Still working on my two WIPs, slowly but surely. One is a historical romance and the other is a contemporary romance. Decided to make some changes to the hero in the historical romance. I’ve written 13 chapters, so I’m going through each chapter and identifying with highlighting and comments where I have to rewrite to make the changes. I was just floundering with him the way he was and I think the changes will be good.

I don’t procrastinate where writing my novels is concerned, which surprises me because there are other areas where I don’t take action as soon as I should.

Well, have a good week. I hope next week is better on an emotional level for me than the past week has been.



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