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Kathy Crouch

Hey Cheryl,

I worked long hours this week. I had 56 hours as of Thursday evening when I left a little after 10. That’s in 5 days.

I didn’t write much until Saturday. The story that has the working title The Inn has been nagging me to come back. So, I left The Goddess and the Mortal for now. She’s having a confrontation with her parents over marrying a mortal add in she’s carrying his child.

Anyway, I wrote a scene in The Inn that I’ve had the heroine and others mention several times. I sat down Saturday and started writing it. I had to force myself to quit so I could get in bed.

That day pushed the week’s total up really high. One night after I got off at 12:30 I was so tired I settled for 30 minutes of research. The words wouldn’t form a sentence.

Here’s the grand total: 3,445 most of those are from Saturday when I wrote 2,610 words. Off to bed I should have already been there tomorrow is my long day and I will probably stay late.


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