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Linnea Sinclair

Something that might mitigate that is if she recognized him sooner. Going after a stranger in the dark may not make sense, but approaching someone you know to find out why the hell they’re in your yard after years of absence would. That might take some of the tension out, though…

Yes, it could, and while I understand the desire to have the “Oh crap it’s him!” moment happen right up front, you actually INCREASE tension by playing to real life and delaying the identification. I have that in two of my books (off the top of my head–there may be more instances). One is the opening chapter of GABRIEL’S GHOST (and my agent did a blog on my opening in her PUBRANTS), and the other is in REBELS AND LOVERS but deeper in the story.

General FYI all: after a multitude of BSODs (blue screens of death) my laptop (which is less than two years old!) has been at the computer doctor’s since yesterday afternoon. So pardon typos–I’m working on hub’s old laptop and everything about it is different than mine, including the ‘response’ feel of the keyboard. Finger farts shall likely abound in my answers…


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