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Jeanne, emotionally draining days are tough, but when they drag on into the week it’s easy to lose track of everything else. I hope you find relief…something to lighten the load.

Wow, Kathy! I don’t know how you get any writing done at all working those hours. You’re more devoted than I would be in your place.

Cheryl, research can be a real rabbit hole for me, so I try to do it during my non-writing time. Otherwise, I’d never get back to the writing. LOL

I hit my goal of 2 hours a day. As I near the end of the first draft, I find myself wanting to rush, but I know if I rush, I won’t write the proper ending, so I’m holding back. Tomorrow, I’ll begin writing the final battle, dragging it out as slowly as I can.

Happy writing, everyone.

Mona Enderli
w/a Merit Fynn


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