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Linnea Sinclair

And I read Finders Keepers yesterday (couldn’t put it down) and I LOVED it! So funny too. Laughed out loud at several points (the line about the species of asshole on legs). And also an excellent lesson in ramping up conflict, making stakes higher, no way out.

Well, thank you! Feel free to ask any questions about the crafting of the book. I only hope–since it was written twenty years ago–that I can still remember the answer. 😉

Fans who’ve met me at book cons (especially those who’ve sat next to my barstool…) often comment, “You sound just like Trilby.”

Duh. 😉

On conflict: I love no way out. It’s hard, really hard to write, yes. Eventually you get used to it and actually start enjoying conflict and “character torture.” Then one goes on to teach writing and subject said inmates… oops, students to real torture. Bwah-hah-hah! Now you know my secret…

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