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IE: External dialogue: Oh, no, I’m fine. Really. Internal: WAHHHHHHHHHH! SOB!

Oh my goodness I have so much fun doing this with Larissa! She’ll say something, then finish it in her head, either with snark or something that flips the meaning.

“Strawberry, boring,” I handed the S labeled one to Jesse. “Blackberry,” went to Rowan, “and blueberry, best of all berries, to me.”

“Blueberries will always be gross,” Jesse said, accepting a fork.

“And there will always be more for me.” Especially since I’ll never eat another blackberry again.

I have yet to figure out why the blackberries came up, but I’m betting it’s one of those elf memories. I know I’ll have to be careful putting too many of those in, since that’s not the issue she has in this book, but I still need to set it up for later.

Gah why’d he have to bring that up? It was Linda’s laundry bin, an eviction notice waiting to happen. It was a fire hazard, a prison, a festering cesspool of malignant ooze. It has the soul of an unwashed jock strap, I’m not allowed to paint, and there were invisible animals breaking in before I even finished unpacking.

“It’s a box within a box within a box,” I said instead, bending down to unhook Red. “And it contains all my boxes.

Part of the character growth I intend for her is that she needs to start speaking up on what she actually thinks. Both around her friends and the people who are supposed to be taking care of her. ((That also leads into her trying to talk about the spirits, but being unable to, which leads to a decision in the falling action to go talk to the elves. Especially after she tries to tell Rowan about the spirits and literally can’t move her mouth.))

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