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Linnea Sinclair

On any top ten list of best Sunday plans, today’s brunch with my former crush and his new girlfriend would rank number eleven. But I couldn’t say no. We’re still friends. And I’m over him. There’s absolutely no risk I will say “I love you, Jamie” ever again.

Could we push it farther down than eleven? That doesn’t seem dire enough, other than the “we’re still friends” thing.

would rank number eleven… hundred.


would rank number eleven… times three. No, times five.

Is she doing the brunch thing to 1. prove to him (and herself) she’s over him? 2. prove to others she’s over him? 3. wants to prove to new girlfriend she’s way cooler? I get the feeling her “public” rationale is We’re Still Friends. [insert rude razzing noise] What’s her under the Internal Conflict conveyor belt truth?


//Interstellar Adventure Infused with Romance//


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