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Jeanne, I’m sorry to hear you had an emotionally rough week.  I’m glad things are better for you. Still, keeping to your 4 hours a day during all of that was amazing. Do you feel it helped you to focus? Or would you have been better served to take a break? I’m very curious, because I know the answer for me, but I think it’s different for everyone.

Mona, good for you taking the time you need to write a good ending. I’m planning to write my next book much more slowly. It’s been difficult to find the concentration to do my usual workload and I find myself dreading the process some nights. That’s not a good mindset for anyone.

Holy smokes, Kathy! 56+ hours? You’re a dynamo! Your dedication really shows in how you juggle your job and your writing. I was wondering, is the inn scene a side story type thing, or is it part of your main story?

This week was better. I met my goals a little more, though it was a challenge to concentrate. I’m feeling the need to shake things up. I managed 11,832 words, which is still a smidgen short of my goal of 12,175 but so much better than last week, I don’t mind. And I’m ahead of schedule because I built in a series of “cushions” just in case this happened. <Whew!> This week is more of the same at 2025/1025 words on weekdays/weekends.

In other news, my husband and I bought a little Airstream last week and are planning on taking some mini trips to the local mountains to test it out. Unfortunately, there’s a shortage, so I have to wait until September to pick it up, but I’m very excited. Especially since I intend to plop my main characters in an Airstream for the next book. (That’s a spoiler, so keep it under your hats. haha) I figure that’s one way to get motivated to write!

Have a great week everyone!



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