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I’ll try to make the meeting, but it’s a bit of a challenge lately as my husband also has video meetings at that time which interfere with both his quality and mine. The challenges of working from home… πŸ™‚ But I’ll do my best to pop in and at least give a report on the Productivity forum.



Productivity Forum

The Productivity Forum is moderately active, with members reporting weekly and others checking in when they’re working on a project.

I have a SIAW (Sprint-In-A-Week) writing drive tentatively set for August 10-16. Originally, I had planned to do a month-long CE (Chain Event), but it seems as if a short duration push might work better right now. Still firming up the details, but I would like to schedule some live Zoom sprints that I’ll post on the Productivity Forum and on Facebook so that members can join in. (I have a paid Zoom account and I’m happy to use it for the chapter.)

Cheryl Rider
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Nothing to report at this time.

Cheryl Rider (& Christine Grissom)


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