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Hi, Cheryl!

Even though your fell slightly short of the goal you set for yourself, still you wrote a lot of words. I don’t know how many words I write but maybe not that much. I keep track of my time, so I include not only writing itself, but any research I do, time I spend on workshops and homework, time I submit looking for and submitting to agents and publishers and time I spend on the various forums for writing groups I belong to and time editing what I’ve written.

I found making myself keep up with the time goal that I set up for myself last week was helpful to me. Making myself focus on writing helped me get through the emotional wringer.  And luckily with the help of some experts, toward the end of the week, I was able to pinpoint what was going on.

This is something that has been plaguing me with certain family members and myself  for my entire life. It effected my outlook and my perception of myself. It wasn’t me. And it’s not something inherently wrong with them – it’s the result of trauma involving one of the family members and also the result of learned behavior. I can now deal with it and go on. Things will only get better now.

Today, I have had some really good ideas to incorporate into my two works in progress. So, I continue on with my goal of averaging 4 hours a day this week.



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