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Linnea Sinclair

Wow!  Thank you for taking the time to take it piece by piece.  Yes, I’d love whatever you have about tenses, definitely a weakness.  I appreciate you showing me all of the opportunities for detail.

One of the problems with teaching adults about grammar is that most books are written for children. Grammar Girl, however, writes for everyone:

She’s been around for awhile, so you can find her books in places like Thriftbooks, where it won’t cost you bunches to buy.

GRAMMARLY is an online grammar checker. The only problem I have with that is some people rely on that rather than LEARNING. If you want to be a published author (and have your work well-respected) you need to learn proper grammar. Ugly fact, but true:

This blog:  goes over all the verb tenses in the English language. MOST you WILL NEVER USE in crafting commercial genre fiction, so don’t let your eyes bug out of your head when you view this. 🙂  The “Perfect” tenses are things you’ll probably never use. Read over the examples, know that they exist, but concentrate on the others.

Another good chart:

I happen to work well with charts. They’re easy reference, clear, simple.

Lastly, a great book that I recommend in almost every class: SELF-EDITING FOR FICTION WRITERS by Browne & King. Get the paperback, it has cartoons. 🙂 But the book assumes you are somewhat familiar with basic English grammar. FYI.

Hope this helps!

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