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Linnea Sinclair

I haven’t posted anything because I went down a few rabbit holes. I realized I had gaps in my research as far as photography in the Victorian era. I also realized that I have a lot of research in folders on my computer and while they are sorted by topic, I haven’t done any work to put the research together in a way that I can use it easily. I always figured that I could do keyword searches (but that doesn’t work so well if one doesn’t remember what the term is) and trying to remember where something is when you have 36+ files on a single topic, some of which are books, is challenging. So I need to take a step back and figure out how to manage the hundreds of files I have accumulated.

Hahaha! Uh, yeah. Sing me a song I don’t know the tune to. 😉 Research creates authenticity in the story. It also creates SOS: Shiny Object Syndrome for writers… ooh, look at THAT interesting fact… [mind now goes 1000 miles a minute with a new plot twist or–gak!–new story!]

I think the fact that your MC IS a photog in an era where there were very few photogs let alone female photogs… it’s kind of like being one of the first female USAF jet pilots (go ask Susan Grant) or the first female astronaut. I think the reader would rather know how rare she is and they’d definitely want to feel her expertise or else we have a characterization gap of WHY is SHE doing THAT?

You really want the reader to be standing in her high button boots (or whatever they wore back then) and feeling her passion for photography and also feeling how much that makes her Not Fit In.

My two cents…

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