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Thank you for your understanding, Mona. I too, moved away from my family. But like a dumb-bell, I thought I had to be “polite” and keep in touch with them. There have been many times I regretted that and didn’t just cut all ties.

But good things have come from this, too. One of this is that I never would have finally realized what was wrong and continued to think of myself as defective. It’s just too bad it took so long to come to know what’s wrong. Sometimes people react to trauma in life by leaning ineffective and hurtful behavior patterns and that’s what happened in this case. We all hurt each other. I am sad about this, but that’s the way it is. Can’t change what happened in the past. But there’s now hope for me to go on without carrying the emotional baggage I was carrying.

Maybe I can take the gist of this and turn it into a novel.



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