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Zara West

Hi everyone,

Here is chapter 17 of Angel Devil (Now Censored).

Just to share my good news. My agent has read Ida’s story through, and she was excited–so that excites me. It will be going to the editor round in August, as a Forgotten Woman series, together with Anna (marketing title Outspoken) and the book I am working on now which is about a 19th century American sculptress (to be titled Monumental). The marketing title we are using for Angel Devil is Censored.  Of course, I still want and appreciate your feedback. One thing I have learned through my publishing experience is you can make changes on a manuscript  right up until the proof stage. And even there you can still fix things if you cry.

As I mentioned to Jessica, the draft has been through ProWriting and Autocrit, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t errors. But it explains why it is so clean. It didn’t start that way. All your feedback has been essential to the process.

Thank you again for reading my manuscript and helping to make my agent happy. 🙂




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