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Thank you, Vicki, for you feedback on CH 17. Much appreciated..

I don’t think Autocrit is worth $30 a month at all. I was a beta tester many years ago and was granted a free account for life. ProWriting is free and does most everything. All my friends who are profession editors use ProWriting.

For both of these, ignore the overview reports. They are just too confusing. Choose the individual reports. I usually run grammar, overused words, and repeated phrases, because those are my big problems. I find the word choice, stylistic, and pacing suggestions ludicrous. These programs are just machines and far from perfect. Both of them still miss periods and quote marks, so you can’t ignore eyeballing you own work. They are getting better though.

Why I use both – ProWriting is fine for grammar. What I like about Autocrit is the way it presents the reports. I use it mostly for repeated phrases and overused words. I upload the entire novel. The list of phrases or overused words in the whole novel appears on the right. If you click the box the words or phrases are highlighted in the text on the left so you can see how close or far apart the instances are. Which is important. If something is repeated in two adjoining sentences, I change it. But if there are ten paragraphs between them, I often do not.

In Prowriting, for the same thing, an annoying little box appears in the upper left. You have to go to each word and turn on the eyeball, then only a snippet of text is visible, and the underlining is harder to see than the bold red highlighting in Autocrit. Is that worth paying a ton of money for? I don’t think so.

I look forward to reading your next chapter.




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