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Ana, As I’m re-reading through this chapter with your comments in mind, I do want to add a little more conflict here. It might even help with the following chapters as I close things out if this chapter has a little more drama.

I do want Mia to have to have to fight for this relationship. But I’m trying to figure out how to do this without making her father a dictator because he isn’t. Perhaps a little background:

I grew up in the Serbian culture. My father was the first of his six siblings to be born in the US. His two older sisters were born in Germany in hiding after my grandparents fled a concentration camp where they met. (Cute story in very difficult times) So I based Mia’s father a little on my own as my father did marry outside the culture and was actually disowned for several years until us grandchildren came along. Despite that, once we re-acclimated back into the culture and I became a teenager, my father encouraged my dating of Serbian boys. 🙂 I had a similar conversation with my father as Mia does here except mine was at a much younger age. I have a much less “people pleasing” personality than Mia. 😉 However, I have 21 first cousins and many of them didn’t have the option to marry outside the culture.

Anyway, I provide this information in hopes of getting some thoughts from you or anyone else on the forum on how I can do this without making her father villainous. He’s a powerful man and has strong opinions but in the end he loves his daughter more than anything, would never disown her (he, himself, didn’t marry within the culture) and feels horrible that his actions and words may have caused her years of unhappiness. He was trying to preserve the culture loves with hopes of passing it down to his children and grandchildren. Any suggestions would be more than appreciated.

And thank you, Ana, for calling this out. Well, Vicki, I join you in the rewrite of a chapter zone. 🙂

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