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Doreen Jensen

Late as usual. I wrote 1118 words. did 3 future learns and 3 RWA classes.  We made a trip to the Windsor area(23/4 hours one way) to buy special winter hardy Canadian cactus. There is only one and it grows on Pelee island. We had them before and they had beautiful yellow flowers on them but then our Korean Lilac tree grew too much and shaded it and they died so we thought to replace them. They have been showing their appreciation by throwing their thorns at me when I try to water them, I had better get them planted this weekend,

Jeannie, I hope you will be feeling better emotionally soon. Life can sure throw some curves at us.

and Cheryl, I am so happy you are getting an airstream. I’ve been trying to talk hubby into a small trailer. You are due for some R&R. I hope it arrives before September. but even so get the map out and plan–that makes me happy (even though the plans usually get rearranged or thrown out completely when its time but I love the anticipation. and you are overdue for some happy memory building.

Take care my peeps



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