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Hi, Cheryl,

Love the quote.

My big accomplishment this past week is that I finished my edits on Miller’s Covemy historical novel that will be published by The Wild Rose PressI was given 2 months to finish them (until September 1st) and don’t expect to hear anything from my editor before then, but I’m glad to have finished. I sent them in this past Thursday.

I think my editor’s extremely busy. TWRP  has decided to do a series called The Wylder West, set in Wyoming. It’s basically historical romance, but they’re also accepting paranormal and contemporary proposals for this series My editor is apparently in charge of this  because shes’s the managing editor in charge of historicals. Sounds like from the messages I’m getting  that TWRP has received an overwhelming number of proposals.

With my two WIPs, I’ve been struggling with what happens next,” but am having a little more success with the historical romance over the contemporary romance. I’ve done some brainstorming, so now it’s time to just sit town and write along the lines of “what can I have  happen that will further the story, further the conflict and what obstacles can I throw in the way of the hero and heroine.

Wishing everyone a great week.



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