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Doreen Jensen

Its been a hectic but good week for me. I only did 1205 words and did minimal work on my Future learn classes and ended up lurking through Linnea’s class which I really wanted to participate fully in but got too far behind. Still it was an excellent class. We have been working on House maintenance while hubby was on summer work shutdown he outside while I looked after inside and the garden. We did manage a few day trips and now I have some winter hardy Canadian cactus to plant. gardening is something that rejuvenates my spirit. and I decompress by prayer /meditation and self-hypnosis.( taught to me by a physician, I also have some self-hypnosis tapes on creative writing and creative problem-solving.) I find them relaxing and I find I have more ideas and scenes in my head when playing than when I let them lapse for a bit. Who was it said “all writers need a cat” they are right. Hemmingway had lots of cats but me just 2 bonded brothers who keep me laughing and grounded. Except when they are running over me and the keyboard in an effort to get to the printer if it’s running.

Well, that my week, peeps. Hope yours was good.




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