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Good to see you’re all doing amazing!

Missed my big word count goal, but did well overall. 10,102 words last week. Also, I took a day off! I read and snoozed and hung out with my husband and dogs. 🙂 During the month of July, I wrote 48,494 words in my MS. Feeling pretty good about that. It was nothing like what I did in January, cramming 36,000+ words in under 3 weeks. This felt better overall.

You know me, always trying to find my hustle/rest balance. 🙂

Word goals this week are kind of up in the air, as I’ll write what I need to finish this MS and then start the new one. I’m going to give myself a goal of 6000 words total, just in case I need to do some rewriting.

Watch for the SIAW post coming up! We’ll do the same thing we did last time and keep all the emails to one post, so the people who want the SIAW emails get them, and the others aren’t inundated with email. So make sure to subscribe to it. (blue link, upper right corner of post) I’ll also pin it to the top of the forum so it’s easy to find.

Have a good week!



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