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Vicki Briner

I agree with Jessica about the first two paragraphs. I just took the Linnea Sinclair class on opening pages and  she said that you have to seize the reader’s attention right at the very beginning. Any backstory/setting used in the opening scene should create tension and be used to add emotional impact. Action used in the opening scene should have direct impact on the plot.

She also talked about how readers will imprint on the POV character, and for this reason, I think you need to establish Faye as the POV character right away. The first two paragraphs are ambiguous regarding whose story this is going to be. I’d also reconsider introducing Jane first in the narrative because I think this misleads the reader into thinking she is the MC, which is something else Linnea talked about. She said readers will decide early on whether or not the author is credible and can be trusted.


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