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Ana Morgan

Jessica, what if Mia shows shock and hurt during her call with Ke–you did that so well. It resonated with been there, done that realism. (Most of us have been there at least once, if only as high schoolers.) She’s so in love, scared, not sure how things can work. Still in a cold war with her dad. Trying to trust, to figure out how she can be with Ke.  Overwhelmed with hurt and mortification that Ke’s former girlfriend is there, with him, listening, she hangs up.

Ke is helpless. He resolves to go see her. His mother seconds the action.

Then switch to her POV and show the rest of their dialogue in her thoughts as her argument against believing she and Ke have–ever had– a future. She’s a fool, was taken in by a sweet-talking tropical Romeo who will never be faithful.

I can’t wait for Ke to arrive!


Ke arrive…


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