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Shirley Tudhope
1. Linnea Sinclair’s “Hook’em Dano” workshop has just been completed.  I have tentatively scheduled her for another workshop in 2021.  Merien has sent a survey to the participants about their experience.  I am assuming she will be discussing the results at this evening’s meeting. She is very much in demand and brings a lot of non-members to her workshops; but her process  complicates  the logistics.
2. I am in the process of scheduling for next year.  Several  of our popular and versatile presenters are cutting back on presenting or not presenting at all in 2021.  I would welcome and appreciate suggestions for workshops, workshop subjects and workshop presenters for 2021.  I’ve posted on the general forum.  No one responded.  Perhaps the a request from someone on the Board would elicit more interest.
3. Since we have moved our workshops to our own page and our own system, the Workshop Procedures handbooks needs to be totally revised.  It’s a big job.  I would appreciate a volunteer or volunteers to help with this.
The Workshop Committee  welcomes comments, questions,  suggestions and volunteers.  We can be reached  at
Ruchama Burrell

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