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First Sprint tomorrow!

If more than one person can make it, I’ll put it on Zoom, so let me know here. (The only dress code is to actually have clothes on. 🤣 No makeup, messy hair, stretchy pants=my work uniform) If we need to tweak the times, let me know. Even if it doesn’t work for tomorrow, it might work for another day!

As it is, we’ll sprint for 20 minutes, chat/break for 10 until the two hours are up!

SAN DIEGO, United States, California
2:00p-4:00p Aug 9 2020

DENVER, United States, Colorado
3:00p-5:00p Aug 9 2020

AUSTIN, United States, Texas
4:00p-6:00p Aug 9 2020

NEW YORK, United States, New York
5:00p-7:00p Aug 9 2020

HONOLULU, United States, Hawaii
11:00a-2:00p Aug 9 2020

If your time zone isn’t represented here, go to and enter your time zone and 2-4pm PDT to figure it out. It’s free and there’s no signup. 🙂


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