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Kathy Crouch

I’m going to attempt to pitch my historical paranormal/fantasy series this coming Saturday. I don’t have all of the series complete. The first book isn’t even complete. (Sigh) I have a friend who wants all of her friends to be published and published with the publisher because they’re a good publishing company. So many of my writer friends have been writing for “a hundred years”.  I’ve only been writing since about 2008 or so, I think. There’s a joke sort of that goes with that. In the convenience store where I used to work, almost 15 years there, we had a new employee leave a note for the overnight employee who had been there a lot longer. My friend, the overnight employee, was pissed because of the way the note was written as much as by who wrote it. So, she looks at me and says, “It’s not like you or Ida telling me what to do. Y’all been here a 100 years you can tell me what to do.” That stuck and I still smile and chuckle when the term comes to mind.
So this week Mon-Sat I wrote 1,935 words. Sunday I wrestled with a premise I wrote for homework in a workshop several years back. I asked the friend who is encouraging us to pitch, to read over it. She sent it back saying no romance. No suggestions nothing just there’s no romance. Okay, I did write they fell in love. I was under the impression a pitch and a premise are short. I sent it to two other friends asking one how to beef up the romance. Our little SMRE team is short-handed so that means Kathy who never refuses extra hours will be working extra hours. Yay! I do need the money. Won’t be long until Christmas ramp up will be appearing on the scene.


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