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Cathy McDavid
Okay, I attended the meeting and took a few notes. My biggest concern, and what wasn’t talked about much at all, was the Treasurer’s Report. In my opinion, RWA is in a very tight spot financially. Not that I’m an expert, but anyone looking at the report can see there’s been a significant amount of money lost from Sept 2019 to June 2020 – the period of time the report covered. Membership is down 29% (I’m assuming this is in the same time period as the report) and revenues are way, way down while expenses, however, remain constant.
The final rules for the Vivian were voted in by the board. The only changes from what they had previously posted was paranormal category is now called speculative, there’s no cap for entries in the “most anticipated” category, finalists in the most anticipated category will have some kind of access to editor and agents (through a website I believe), and certain words were removed to eliminate bias. A few tiny changes were also made to the wording on the first round judging for the published categories.
The conference has 898 people registered. They’ve taken in $32000 in conference fees. They didn’t say how many of the 898 are attending on the scholarship.
Push to PRO is being evaluated, and RAMP will begin with new board term

There was probably a lot more, it moved along quickly. This was just my takeaway.

Cathy McDavid

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