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Wednesday is upon us! Are you hitting your goals? Check in here and let us know!

Going a little longer today, so if you haven’t been able to get in on a sprint, maybe this will help. Pop in and out as often you like. And if you can’t sprint during these times, send me a message with your ideal time and time zone and we’ll set something up!

Today’s Zoom sprints are as follows (link to come):

SAN DIEGO, United States, California
2:00p – 5:00p

DENVER, United States, Colorado
3:00p – 6:00p

AUSTIN, United States, Texas
4:00p – 7:00p

NEW YORK, United States, New York
5:00p – 8:00p

HONOLULU, United States, Hawaii

If your time zone isn’t represented here, go to


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