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Thanks to Tami and JoMarie for joining in on the sprints this afternoon! ❤️ We all got some good words in.

I’m planning to end the week tomorrow with another 2-4pm PDT sprint, if anyone would like to join in. Once the meeting starts, if no one shows up or it remains idle for 40 minutes, the meeting will shut down, so if you show up before 4 and it’s closed, that’s why. 🙂 Hopefully you all can make it. If you’d like a different time, too, I’m happy to schedule it, because I need the words.

Let me know.

Oh, and feel free to invite someone to the sprint tomorrow. Even a non-FTH member. Just have them introduce themselves via chat and tell us who invited them.

I’ll post the link a little earlier tomorrow. Time got away from me today. 😉

My goal for the week was 18,000 words. I’m currently at 17,609. Zoom sprints work!



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