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Jessica Jayne

Thank you, Ana, Vicki & Zara on your feedback on Chapter Twenty-four. Your thoughts and suggestions have tightened up the chapter and it flows better. Thank you. And Thank you, Lisa for taking the time to go through my story from the beginning. Your thoughts are very much appreciated.

Just an FYI – Kekoa is now wearing a fleece! 🙂 Though I will argue that a man wearing a sweater is not out of the ordinary, especially in northeast Ohio at the end of November, the point is well taken that Ke would not likely have a wool sweater to bring to Ohio. In fact, I went with Zara’s suggestion and he’s wearing a grey fleece with Ohio scrawled across the front – as he picked it up at the airport. 🙂

It is the things like this that make me appreciate this group so much. You all have brought so much to this story and made it better. Thank you!

Jessica Jayne
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