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You know, sometimes the timing is just off. I once led a SIAW and then got my dev edits back and had to lead the sprints while tearing my own work apart. Basically working backward. I was negative for the week. It wasn’t my favorite SIAW, to say the least. It happens. I’m just excited that you were more focused on writing than you would have been otherwise! That’s wonderful. 🙂

If you want to do some sprints, just let me know a good time for you. (with time zone) I’m pretty flexible, there are just a few set things in my week that I have to work around.



Well, last week didn’t work out exactly as I had planned – big surprise 😉 The company I work for (when I’m not writing) restructured and as part of the management team, I ended up buried in notifications and trying to sort out our new org charts, etc.

I missed the sprints but I hope we are going to continue those – at least periodically. I’ve done them with another group and have really enjoyed them.

As for my productivity, I did spend at least one hour every day writing/revising my current manuscript that is almost ready for the editor. 🙂 In a week like I had last week, my writing would have usually fallen to the wayside, but the SIAW forced me to allot some time to my writing each day! Thank you. 🙂



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