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Not too late to add at all, Shannon! I was going to include our totals in a post and in my report this month.

Fabulous word count! I’m so happy for you. 🙂

We’re sprinting tomorrow and Thursday. Even if those days don’t work for you, make sure you subscribe to the pinned sprint post because I’ll be doing more of them. I need to buckle down and I love the hard-writin’ company!


Cheryl thanks for running SIAW. I loved the one day I got to be a part of the sprints. I hope we do that more often.

Sorry this is too late to add but I just wanted to finish reporting just for myself.

I finished my week with 6816 words worked. That’s at least twice as much as I had been getting done, so yay!

Have a great week!
Shannon 😀


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